Shipping and return policies for Council Records

Shipping Info
All domestic vinyl orders will be sent USPS Media Mail with tracking in cardboard mailers (Mighty Music Mailer from Bags Unlimited for LPs).

All domestic textile orders will be sent USPS First Class Mail with tracking in garment mailer.

International orders under 4lbs will be sent using PirateShip's Simple Export Rate ( to make fees a little more reasonable. This is generally $5-$10 cheaper depending on location. Please note that items shipped through the Simple Export option are not insured, can take 1-4 weeks to arrive, and cannot be marked as a gift (except in Canada). This may impact the amount of Custom Taxes and Fees you will need to pay.

If you require insurance, or want your records sent as a gift, please contact me first to arrange appropriate shipping fees.

I can usually get to the post office every 2-3 days.
Return Policy
If you have a problem with anything, let me know via email. We can work it out.

CR-1 Current - s/t 7"
CR-2 Current - Coliseum LP
CR-3 Current/Chino Horde 7"
CR-4 Ottawa/Jihad LP
CR-5 Chino Horde - This is Done 7"
CR-6 Current - Is 4 7"
CR-7 Ordination of Aaron - Immersion in a 90 MPH WorldLP
CR-7.5 .NEMA - 6-song Demo CS
CR-8 .NEMA - s/t 7"
CR-9 V/A - The 26th 7"
CR-10 Bombs Lullabye - s/t 7"
CR-11 Full Service Quartet - Tetraethyl 7"
CR-12 Constatine Sankathi - Discography CD
CR-13 Current - Discography CD
CR-14 Yaphet Kotto/Suicide Nation 7"
CR-15 Dearborn S.S. - s/t 7"
CR-16 New Granada - s/t 7"
CR-16.5 Calvary - 7-song Demo CS
CR-18 The Shivering - Wires of Storm and Song 7"
CR-19 Yaphet Kotto - s/t 7"
CR-20 Calvary - Outnumbered is Outflanked LP
CR-21 The Shivering - To the Ground 10"
CR-22 Calvary - The Will of the Way 7"
CR-23 The Shivering - Brand the Lion's Mouth 7"
CR-24 Fourth Rotor - Seize LP
CR-25 Short Con - Cancer Boy b/w Ambulance Chaser 7"
CR-26 Wrong War - Fixed Against Forever LP
CR-26.5 Wrong War - Excerpt from Document 001 (Live) Digital
CR-27 Ottawa - The Third Age LP
CR-27.5 Wrong War - Dead Tank Digital
CR-28 Kirkby Kiss - It's Gonna Cost You LP
CR-29 Hourglass - Atomic Clock LP
CR-30 Broken Hearts are Blue - Dark Whimsy & Soft Surrealism 2xLP
CR-30.5 Don Knotts - Complete Discography 2xCS
CR-31 Wrong War - Once Upon a Weapon LP
CR-31.5 bev.clone - Compendium 2xCS
CR-31.5 bev.clone - Live 1994 LP
CR-32 Kirkby Kiss - Ouroboro 7"
CR-33 Vine - Forever LP
CR-33.5 Pilau - Pressure 7"
CR-34 Wrong War - On Further Reflection 7"
CR-35 V/A - Err02 7"
CR-36 Cleons Down - 1995-1997 LP
CR-37 Coffin Pricks - Semi=perfect Crimes LP*
CR-38 Wet the Rope/Icepield LP
CR-39 Grey C.E.L.L. LP
CR-40 Love Interest - Motherwound 12"
CR-41 Amusement 7"*
CR-42 Ghost Forest - s/t LP
CR-43 Broken Hearts are Blue - Meeting Themselves LP
CR-44 Jade Dust - Grey Skies LP*
CR-45 Medicinal/Kirkby Kiss 7"*
CR-46 Schedule 1 - Crucible LP*
CR-47 Omega Glory - Offerings LP*

* Out Soon

CR-ARCH1 bev.clone Compendium Digital
CR-ARCH2 V/A This Inheritance Must Be Refused Digital
CR-ARCH3 Kathode 5-song Demo Digital
CR-ARCH4 Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade 6-song Demo Digital
CR-ARCH5 Wallside s/t Digital
CR-ARCH6 Wallside Idiot Savants Digital
CR-ARCH7 Wallside/Shag Van Club Split LP Digital
CR-ARCH8 Wallside From The Sky Digital
CR-ARCH9 Wallside Miscellaneous Digital
CR-ARCH10 Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade 7 Split Extras Digital
CR-ARCH11 Inso Grey Demo Digital
CR-ARCH12 Jihad New Testament Digital
CR-ARCH13 Jihad Gods Forsaken People… Digital
CR-ARCH14 Don Knotts Complete Discogrpahy Digital
CR-ARCH15 Gregor Untitled Digital
CR-ARCH16 Ordination of Aaron Remaining Works Digital