1. Calvary
    Chicago, Illinois
  2. Constatine Sankathi
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
  3. Current
    Detroit, Michigan
  4. Dearborn S.S.
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. Fourth Rotor
    Chicago, Illinois
  6. Kirkby Kiss
    New Jersey
  7. .NEMA
    Detroit, Michigan
  8. Ottawa
    Dearborn, Michigan
  9. Ordination of Aaron
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
  10. The Shivering
  11. Short Con
    Chicago, Illinois
  12. Wallside
    Livonia, Michigan
  13. Wrong War
    Chicago, Illinois


Council Records Chicago, Illinois

Formed in October of 1992, the label initially existed to release the recordings of Current, but soon expanded to other local Michigan bands and beyond. After 25 releases, the label paused operations at the start of 2006. In 2020 it awoke...

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