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This Inheritance Must Be Refused

by Various Artists

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I don't care if I'm unsuitable or trendy I won't wear high heels, for feet they are unhandy I won't make me weak although I'm strong I don't care if I'm older than young I don't worry and eat only half I won't count the calories till I nearly starve I won't smile when I'm feeling bad To be the likeable woman who makes everybody glad With fashions and ideals we are fooled by sharks Unhappiness and grief is what that living marks So many woman went that way before Stupid Competitions, it's not worth living for Stop stupid competitions...
Hark who's talking - another white man, setting the agenda and telling you my plan, stuffing the room with my words. An equal opportunity? You call this fucking unity? Look who has to shout to be heard, what sort of revolution feeds this institution, shouting deaf to our fears. Competing not conversing, not advancing but reversing, you'll not be heard above the male voice choir, (shut up and listen to the male voice choir.) Building power structures out of the simplest of sentences, got to get my point across, maybe you disagree but our words support the enemy, just look who they keep at the top. The words are dealt out cleverly like the money, power, and poverty, keeps our ideas awkward and weak so the confidence is lacking in badly biased arguments when you finally get a chance to speak.
Closed off he took her by the hand and coughed To cover an understanding loss Perhaps this state could be put across Without saying whether it was good or not Decided? Hardly! Couldn't give a toss Played up to a crowd like Jonathan Ross Or some such personality deceit But left the situation with something more complete That scared the hell for its obvious showing Of a well inside full of deeper knowing That said "That was all wrong" Reversed the role from weak to strong Decided to whom he really belonged And later felt the pain it caused Like a victory without the war Incomplete and nothing more Than selfish - what did he do it for? Taking time out to stay aloof Had made the problem twice as bad With a hatred of the actual truth He cut the little bond they had Don't take anyone for granted Every first impression slanted Next one came as a surprise And opened up some guilty eyes Take a sip from each other's cup Then find a common one to fill And if it tastes good fill it up And if it doesn't let it spill
Spork - Held 03:15
Made this decision Constant inspection Subject to approval By ancient codes I know myself Made my decision Do you know? Afraid to reach out? Morality based on a book you were trained to believe I take your book And I say burn I refuse to play by our rules Authority, authority you claim to be Perpetuate the stereotype The plague, my friend Is the disease inflicted by your kind And I refuse to be inflicted Your limitations limit your intelligence Refusal, Refusal Don't want your world Regress you will Resist I will And I will watch as your speech self-destructs in it's hypocrisy
Love me sweet, love me tender Ohhh how I love it when you blend your gender. Time to come out and confess, A boy can look sexy inna pink dress. No! My mind is not messed up, Just twistin' up the typical much. Pinchu Macha struts her strength, Will express herself to any length. Androgyny, not misogyny Will liberate our anxiety Why can't you seee (x2) You don't have to limit Your sexuality!!! Mix + match and twist it up Loosen the lines and flip the hatch Purée, frappé, liquify oh my! Put it on high Just let desire fly!!! Do gyrlz say yes to boiyz inna dress?!? I dunno...maybe... Go ask a femme dyke on a motorbyk-ke-ke-ke-kite!! Do crusty punx say yes to boyz inna dress?!? Yeah...could be... Just ask a punk dyke on a lavender bike Outside and inside and outfind your funnest identity, Fuck with the straight worrlld Sterotypppping! Open your mind to all sides There is nothing left to hide Make my punk tha' queer punk Your body Your mind Your rhythm Your rhyme!!!


This Inheritance Must Be Refused is a collection of written, graphic, and audible material on sexual politics and gender issues. When it was originally released on vinyl in 1994, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and toxic masculinity were largely unchecked within the punk scene of that time. Girl bands were often excluded from bookings at venues, the dance floor was an unsafe place dominated by aggressive men, and queer, non-binary, and transgender people often had to hide their identities at shows for fear of violence. Yet beneath that, there was a burgeoning consciousness within the scene of vocal people who were confronting gender issues and sexual politics with their bodies, and through their music and art. From that consciousness, this assemblage of music, writing, and visual art emerged. It represents a powerful moment of change and evolution within the punk community when a few brave people, marginalized because of their gender, biology, and/or sexual identity, would no longer remain silent.

All proceeds from this release go to It Starts With Us (itstartswithus-mmiw.com) - an Indigenous organization dedicated to identifying and honoring missing and murdered indigenous women, two-spirit, and trans people across Canada. Donations to date: $137.12 CAD.

Direct donations to It Starts With Us can be made here: www.paypal.com/paypalme/ItStartsWithUsMMIW

Council Records Archives No. 2


released June 1, 1994

Originally released as a one-side LP by Hopscotch Records in 1994. Council Records is pleased to add this record to its ever-growing digital archive of important works.

Music by: The Ex, Paxston Quiggly, Spitboy, One by One, Citizen Fish, Spork, and Dogfight

Words & Graphics by: John Yates, Alexandra Kolontai, Crito, Lisa Lost, Men Against Sexist Sex, Freddie Baer, Ace Morgan, Donovan, Seana, Girlfiend, Andy Smith, and Attack


all rights reserved



Council Records Chicago, Illinois

Formed in October of 1992, the label initially existed to release the recordings of Current, but soon expanded to other local Michigan bands and beyond. After 25 releases, the label paused operations at the start of 2006. In 2020 it awoke...

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